Terms & Conditions

Site Submission Guidelines


All sites are manually reviewed so site acceptance will depend on the following rules :

Do :

* If required make sure the reciprocal linkback is in place (i.e. on your website) before submitting

* ANY FREE LINKS USING www.onemission or NOT ADDING A LINKBACK (if required) will be deleted and BANNED

* Make sure the site is working and that the links are valid

* Do not submit a site that is under construction

* Describe what the site offers

* Submit the shortest working URL – Example: http://www.yoursite.com/

* Write the description only in English or Cornish (Kernewek)

* Find the most appropriate topic for your site

* Double check your submission before finishing

* Enter the site’s name as the title

* Note that if you advertise using a Banner or Text Ad that you subscribe to a rolling subscription

** To cancel your subscription you will need to log into your PayPal account and cancel from there


Do Not :

* DO NOT submit sites that are not relevant to Cornwall (unless you are paying for a link)

* DO NOT submit sites that are not relevant to the Cornish

* Do not submit sites with hatred, racist or pornographic content (They will be deleted)

* Do not write all of the words in capital letters

* Do not fill the description or title field with a list of keywords

* Do not submit the site more than once

* Do not submit a site that redirects to another site


Please note :

If your site fails to meet any of the criteria set out in these Terms & Conditions or is deemed unsuitable in anyway the website will be removed and any contract will be terminated.